Wish List

Heart Hands pictureYour in kind contribution or financial donation helps SON Ministries bring HOPE to more children and families in need in this community.


Please deliver your in kind donations to UALC The Church at Mill Run, 3500 Mill Run Drive and deposit in the Ministry Exchange Center marked SON Ministries.  The church is open Sunday through Thursday, 8am to 9pm.  Closed Friday & Saturday.   Please be sure to also fill out an in kind form upon drop off!  Thank you!

Snacks for adults on break from
ESOL Classes/hospitality

Level of Need: Immediate/High

Individually wrapped packages of cheese crackers or peanut butter crackers or cereal bars (like nutrigrain) (some whole grain content highly preferred)

Packaged cookies or  Homemade cookies (day of program)
(brought directly to the church Tues or Thursdayby 630pm left in the kitchen
marked SON Ministries)

Fresh whole fruits (day of program)
(brought directly to the church on Tues or Thursday by 630pm left in the kitchen marked SON Ministries)           

Materials for Early Childhood Program (where play is learning…)
Level of NEED: ongoing/HIGH

Fun-themed stickers (lots and lots!)                  

Stringing beads  (both large and small)

Non-breakable mirrors for dress up center

Doctor/vet play kits for dramatic play

Cause and effect toys

Materials for School-aged Children (Kids Club)
Level of NEED: HIGH (by March7)

75 ping pong balls for Project Invention


Donate online or send check to SON Ministries!
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OR Mail a check: Make it payable to SON Ministries 2300 Lytham Road
Columbus, OH 43220