Who do WE LOVE and SERVE
at Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids?

boys at lunch(2) webI just wanted to quickly send you a thank you e-mail and let you know how much the last two summers have meant to me.

 While I needed a job to pay for college, I have loved waking up every morning knowing that I am getting paid to love children and love Jesus. I have loved getting to know the hearts of the kids, the teens, the parents, and the people I have worked with the past two summers.

I wouldn’t trade one minute of it for little people webanything and I am eternally grateful. I came expecting to minister to children, but honestly I think I have grown more in my faith over the past two summers than anyone can even begin to imagine.

 I came back to school and realized everyone hated their jobs and all I have done is talk about how much I loved them and how much Jesus has done over the past summer in my life.

I owe it all to you (and God). So thank you so much for letting me a part of the magic you work every summer. It has meant sooooo much to me!

Legos webI also wanted to let you know that I have always had a heart for Uganda. My dad has had me save all my pay checks from school and the summer and I was just asked to go on a trip to an orphanage to Uganda in December to feed kids under the age of 12. I have 100 of what I needed for the down payment which will cover updating my passport and first round of immunizations. Your faith in me and love of children is going to lead me to feed children not only in Hilliard but also in Uganda!!!!!! 

God is SO good! So I just wanted to say thank you for having faith in me for the past two balloon girl websummers.

I realized I never really formally thanked you and this all started happening today so I had to let you know!

Thank you so much!
A College Intern