Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids: volunteer June-August at the lunch site actively engaging with and supervising children/serving lunch.

Family ESL Program: Full family educational program where each family is taking steps out of poverty through education.  Tuesdays and Thursday evenings during the school year (October through April)

While parents attend English classes, volunteers provide homework help and recreational activities for their children.

  1. Kid’s Club – help children K-6th grade, provide homework help and recreational activities for their children.
  2. Early Childhood Program – Saturate the youngest children in our program (3 months through pre K) with Love, Language, and Learning.
  3. Opportunities with Adults: provide hospitality and socialize with adult students during their break from English classes, providing much needed conversation practice and connection to community.

Monthly Legal Clinic in partnership with Legal Aid: Tuesdays (third Tuesday each month)
5:30 – 7:00 pm at the UALC The Church at Mill Run, 3500 Mill Run Drive, Hilliard.
Volunteers needed to greet and help with hospitality.
Time commitment = 2 1/2 hours per month. Volunteers needed 5:15 – 7:45.

1. Helping people fill out their paperwork
2. Making refreshments available, then cleaning up
3. Greeting clients and talking with them while they wait
4. The opportunity exists to offer to pray with clients.

Guest Speaker: attend our summer or school year children’s program and give a talk on your profession, hobby, passion etc. as a learning experience for the children.

Donate Food items: HEALTHY individual sized non-perishable snacks, children’s books, reams of copy paper, office supplies, …….. Click here for a list.

Event planning: help us with special events like golf outings, family fun nights, family pot lucks etc.

Your dream! What do you dream of doing? We want to help you!
Ex: book ministry, food co-op, legal clinic, PC lab, job fair???

Fundraising: help us call on donors.

Your professional SERVICE: do you do something for a living that could help our ministry? Ex: marketing, event planning, professional organizing etc.

Make Hula Hoops and donate them to us!   Click here for instructions on how to make hula hoops. Follow the instructions as much as possible. If the tube cutter doesn’t work well, use a box cutter blade. Finding the correct metal connector pieces is a trial and error thing getting ones that are long enough. Use duct tape over the area that gets connected.VolunteerBe sure to check out our current needs for volunteers! Click here.

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Coat Distribution
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