Quotes from Summer 2015

What children told us…

What I like best about camp is…

  • Teens & Adult Helpers
  • Summer camp is just like home sweet home.
  • Meeting new friends, the green and orange shirts (staff & Teen Interns), special guests

How do you feel when you are at camp?

  • I feel safe.

What parents told us…

  • Saving $200/month (on food at home) was a great help!
  • My kids would be stuck inside the apartment all day while I went to work.  It was exactly what we needed; the kids love it.

What Teen Interns told us…

  • I learned from the kids to be fast to forgive, quick to learn, and just have fun.
  • Being a part of this program has been the best experience of my life. You go into this camp trying to show love to the kids, but what you don’t expect is that they take that love and give to you 10x the love that they received! This program reaches out to so many diverse kids, but they all have an unending energy and a full spirited character that is contagious.
  • Not everyone has enough money for three meals a day. Some families are good at hiding how much they struggle.

What adult volunteers told us…

  • This program is necessary for every community.  It is a pivotal place for children to get nutritious meals and have a great summer experience with other children.
  • This program is very welcoming and I think it’s helping the community become united.  It teaches children social skills and manners.  It also teaches kids a well-balanced diet.