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SON Ministries
2300 Lytham Road
Columbus, OH 43220

SON Ministries Central Staff:


KimKim Emch
Founder and Executive Director


katheleen-pictureKathleen Turvy
Manager of Programs


Sarah F Website

Sarah Florimonte
Communications & Development Associate


Sarah G Website

Sarah Griffith
Operations Coordinator


Julie Website

Julie Comer
Administrative Assistant to Programs


Serving Our Neighbors Inc. Board of Directors

Irma Chon
Youth Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church
Vice Chair
Pastor Liaison

Kim Cooper
Senior Professional Human Resources
Cardinal Health
Board member

Helen Davidson
CFO Make-A-Wish OH, KY & IN
Board Member

Bart Griffin
Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency
Board Member

Joan Malarkey
Retired, Executive Director
Community Connection for
Ohio Offenders
Board Member

Shawn Oakley
Healthcare Professional
Board Member

Kim Emch
Founder and Executive Director
Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries
Board Member

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